Turkey tried to attack Russian S-400s at Khmeimim airbase with Koral

The Turkish military tried to attack Russian air defense systems at the Khmeimim airbase. had a photograph at its disposal depicting the deployment of Turkish electronic warfare systems in the Syrian province of Idlib, in order to conduct attacks on Russian air defense systems located at the Khmeimim airbase. We are talking about powerful Koral systems, with the help of which the Turkish military intends to interfere with Russian air defense in order to use its aircraft to strike at SAA positions in Aleppo and Idlib.

It is not known where exactly the Turkish Koral electronic warfare system is designed to interfere with Russian and Syrian air defense, however, according to a number of assumptions, its position is no further than 80-90 kilometers from the Russian military air base, which with an effective range of 150 kilometers may well create interruptions in the work of Russian electronic warfare equipment.

“With the Russian S-400 in its arsenal, Turkey could well study the mechanism for interfering with these air defense systems, and thus now prevents Russia from controlling airspace over northern Syria. It looks quite menacing. ”, - the expert marks.

Ankara does not officially comment on the transfer of its electronic warfare funds to Syria, however, Russia may well perceive such attacks on its air defense as aggression and destroy the Turkish electronic warfare system with a targeted strike.

Any infringement on the military bases of the Russian Federation, which are legally located on the territory of a sovereign state, is considered an illegal aggression and military attack. The sources of these attacks must be destroyed! We in Russia do not need the load "200"!


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