Turkey tried to shoot down the Russian Su-24 - the BCC bomber with difficulty left the missile. Video

Turkey attacked the Russian Su-24 bomber over Syria.

A few hours ago, Turkish troops attacked a Russian Su-24 front-line bomber flying in the sky over Idlib province. An anti-aircraft guided missile was launched on a Russian aerospace forces plane - according to some sources, it is a MANPADS, and according to others - an air defense missile system, at the same time, thanks to the skill of a Russian pilot, the aircraft was able to get away from the missile at the last moment.

On the presented video frames you can see the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 and the inverse trace of a rocket fired over the plane. There are no details on this subject, however, sources report that the launch of a missile launcher on a Russian combat aircraft was carried out from the territory of the recently erected Turkish checkpoint, which indicates the fact that it was the Turkish army that was involved in the destruction of the two Syrian military helicopters and one more damage.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the incident, however, it is reported that immediately after the attack, in the area from which the anti-aircraft missile was launched, a powerful blow was dealt.

It should be clarified that previously it was reported about the shelling of Russian and Syrian military helicopters and aircraft using anti-aircraft installations, however, in recent years, a rocket was fired into a Russian aircraft for the first time.

If the information that Turkey tried to bring down the Russian bomber is confirmed, then Moscow can finally break all agreements with Turkey in Syria, since the Russian plane did not violate the borders of Turkish airspace, and Ankara was previously warned about the seriousness of any provocations.

and put together a State Duma to express extreme concern

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that immediately after the attack, in the area from which the anti-aircraft missile was launched, a powerful one was delivered. Read carefully.

a powerful blow was dealt to the area from which the anti-aircraft missile was launched.

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