Shot down drone


Turkey complains that Syria is shooting down all the drones of Ankara

Syrian air defense systems are shot down by all Turkish drones within range.

Despite the fact that only one Turkish drone was officially reported, it became known that in fact, Turkey has lost at least 14 of its drones in the last two weeks. All air targets appearing in the range of the Syrian systems, air defense systems strike without warning, which does not allow the Turkish military to use aviation at all to attack the positions of the SAA.

According to preliminary data, the best results are demonstrated by the Russian Pantsir air defense missile system, however, unmanned aerial vehicles are also affected from anti-aircraft installations, although with a relatively high altitude, it is very difficult to detect the latter.

It should be clarified that Syria almost completely deprived Turkey of the opportunity to use combat aircraft in the territory of the Arab Republic, threatening, among other things, to use the latest S-300 air defense systems, if necessary, and for this reason Erdogan so far cannot use fighters and bombers, at the risk of losing the latter while crossing the Syrian border.

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