Turkey versus Russia: Erdogan announces war in Syria

Turkey promised Russia a large-scale war in Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement in which he promised to launch a large-scale military operation in Syria to help controlled militants, declaring decisive action, including against Russia.

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced today, February 19, that the Turkish military operation in Idlib is inevitable, and that he made a final decision on this issue, rejecting the Russian proposal to resolve the conflict. The Turkish leader said that Turkey will not leave Idlib to the Syrian regime, and she is determined to turn it into a safe area and will achieve this despite continuing dialogue with the Russian side. The talks held yesterday in Moscow between the Turkish and Russian delegations ended in failure, as Russia came out with a proposal to limit the presence of Turkey in the border strip of 16 kilometers north of Idlib. ", - the newspaper InoSMI cites information referring to Turkish media.

In fact, the Turkish leader emphasized that he refused to support the Russian plan for resolving the situation in Syria, against which he was ready to start a military operation in the territory of the Arab Republic, where at present the forces of more than 12 thousand Turkish troops, several hundred armored vehicles, and artillery are concentrated and so forth

“The Russian military was one of the first to take part in the liberation of Syrian cities and territories, and therefore, Erdogan directly threatens Russia. If Turkey decides on a military conflict in Syria, Russia will take no less severe measures to ensure the security of its military, ” - notes the specialist.

Syrians These are not Arabs. They really do not like to be called that, although they speak Arabic

Are you short of territories? deal with what is.

Who is Assad's wife?

And where, if not a secret, was God in the Crimean War of 1853–1856?

and there

You read the famous saint, Paisius Svyatogorets. It was a great perspicacious old man from the Holy Mount Athos. He said: “You will all know about the beginning of the war, Turkey will attack Russia in the skies over the Mediterranean Sea. But he also said that we will win this war, because God is with us!


Another war for oil ... Turkey will fight, but the troops will be NATO ..

In Syria, 700 Syrians have already been killed, most of whom are civilians, you think they are terrorists. you don’t even know why the Arabs rebelled, and they rebelled against the Alawite tribe, who seized power in their home country, as a result of an armed coup. You don’t get the idea why, if Assad and his soldiers are so good, millions of Arabs fled to save their lives, only Turkey accepted more than 3 million refugees, millions of other refugees are in Jordan, Lebanon. Arab countries. Believe more in the media who say they write that Assad is fighting terrorists, although most of them are Arabs, since they are the majority of the country's population, they want the Arab not to be the president of their country.

According to the Sochi and Astana agreements, there should have been four de-escalation zones in Syria, but the Alawite tribe with their tribal leader Assad, with the support of allies from two countries and mercenaries, has already captured 3 zones. and decided to capture the last zone in Idlib. But already 3 million Arabs saving their lives from the Alawites. are in Turkey, and if Idlib falls, another 3 million Arabs and Turkoman saving their lives will also cross the borders of Turkey. Indeed, in Syria, according to Erdogan, more than 700.000 people have already died, most of whom are women, children and the elderly.

Not everything is so simple, in the event of a conflict, Turkey can be supported by NATO countries, but this would not be desirable ....

It is urgent to provide Turkey with the latest weapons under the heading "secret", and under the slogan "From Russia with love."

Constantinople must move to Russia. The Greeks took away all rights to him.

Russia needs to end all contacts with former Turkish President Erdogan. Now you can bet how many days the army of Erdogan in Syria will support the terrorists, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or she will be able to sit out in the holes of terrorists for a whole week when they throw a white flag. The next Turkish president will be more careful with trepidation on military topics after a worthy example in the person of Erdogan.

If this is destined to happen, then not Greece, but Russia. And it will be Constantinople. )))

4-5 years ago, I came across the prediction of some visionary, which said that as a result of the conflict in the Middle East, Turkey would lose its statehood, and Constantinople would withdraw to Greece. I could not understand what should happen, and here is the answer


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