Turkish President


Turkey decided to deceive Russia with the purchase of C-400

Erdogan decided to copy the Russian C-400 Triumph complex.

Analysts believe that Turkey decided to buy Russian C-400 “Triumph” systems solely in order to copy them and start producing its own air defense and anti-missile defense systems. In fact, during his last speech, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey is approaching the production of its own air defense system, which will ensure its own needs and sell anti-aircraft missile systems to other countries.

It is known that Turkey is really busy developing the new-generation Siper anti-aircraft missile system, which, according to preliminary data, has only slightly worse technical characteristics than the Russian Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. According to experts, at relatively low cost, Turkey may be able to create its own unique air defense and missile defense systems.

“Pay attention to the fact that Erdogan is firmly demonstrating his intention to acquire the Russian C-400. In fact, nothing threatens this country in the Middle East, but Turkey is seeking to get hold of expensive complexes, even if it falls under US sanctions. ”- draws attention to the analyst.

It should be noted that the contract between Russia and Turkey and the delivery of the C-400 "Triumph" air defense system has not yet been concluded.

Moreover, they will not be able to copy it even with their hands on ready-made technologies. Because these technologies were written by modern technologies and Nehru designers who do not understand mechanical processing. I say this as a companion who works on this technology.

How accurately reflected the essence of the Turks!

Turkey has never been and will not be honest with Russia, in the genes of the Turks, except for the instincts of lie, deception, the seizure of someone else, there is nothing more. Well, except that they know how to make fun of it before the strong.

Erdogan acts in the interests of his country - and this justifies it in any case.

Copy С400. This is not a Louis Vuiton purse for you to sew. The Chinese Mercedes before the screw disassembled, copied, and all Huayvey turns out ...))

Erdogan is even thinner .. so much that for an experienced look in the Internet in the Internet it is even translucent .................. about all his Turkish tricks

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Pro-Armenian site. Sales. Armenians are ready for anything to embroil Russia and Turkey.

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It's one thing to copy, and another to set up as it should, but this is not the Chinese, the Turks will not be able to do ..

Putin's Erdogan more than once.

Copy fails, it’s passed with the Chinese, they couldn’t copy the 27 su, the glider often falls apart, and we buy engines until then, China tries to disassemble, but the point is that if you start to disassemble, many elements are deformed or destroyed, and roosters are screaming that cheers MIC successfully sells, bullshit, it is better to say that the government sells the country.

I marvel at reading the article itself and comments.
It seems that the development of top-level SAMs is an elementary thing for many !!! Russians and Americans have been developing new complexes for decades with vast experience in this field, China has been trying to make analogs based on these complexes for decades and then the Turks appear and do something for others that takes tens of years !!! You yourself are not funny ??? Not so long ago there was talk about the Turkish tank .., and something all fell silent and no one remembers him already ...

So They are what. Smarter than the developers of PETRIOT, or Kitaezev, who will try to copy the Russian-submitted C-400? fake.

East is a delicate matter. Erdogan - even thinner.

In the Kremlin just fools sit. Horns are shown, and fingers are sticking each other's ears. There are idiots who seize upon the authorities and want to preserve it. And she has no eyes and ears anywhere.

The sale of the Turkish-Azeri people is not: dumber.


Pro-American site, a complete lie

In the Kremlin sit mediocrity. What idiot will let you go higher than yourself if you beat him up? The economy is going backwards. This is the result of the Kremlin's rule. Umnikov?

The author said that the Turkish air defense system is now only slightly inferior to the C-400. This is the "little" the Turks are looking for. But in some ways the Turkish air defense system surpasses ours. They will get useful from our complexes and will be in chocolate. And we with the development of 70-s will fool the former collective farmers superiority. That just do not lie for the sake of life-long power.

In the Kremlin, it's not fools sitting, of course. Each will call them differently, depending on their views on life. But I would like it to be people who can calculate the consequences of their actions a few steps ahead. And this is not. So the author can fulfill anyone's order. He will not say.

The Chinese tried to copy c 300 15 years. Surrender and buy the original. Faking beyond the 70 km did not beat and they did not understand why.
So success to the Turks. If they think they know how to forge better than the Chinese, the flag is in their hands.

I wonder whose order the author fulfills? Or he writes only to write something in the Kremlin, probably not the fools are sitting, but leave your advice and comment with you. Yes, analysts probably have Armenians

China SS our long ago gave, they have spent the modernization and release

Shot down Syria, shooting at the Israeli Air Force,

Copy will not work. Ours also know how high-powered turbines are arranged, but they cannot make a copy from Siemens turbines. We need technology, and this is the secret of the company.

Shot down "their" Syrians, but, as explained, from the Israeli bases

Chatterbox - a godsend for a spy. We look after you.

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and you did not forget that Israel shot down our 15 people along with the plane?

Already at the beginning of 2000, air defense cadets were taught how to work at C-500, what is voiced in the press and sold, then this is all in our country in the right quantity and for a long time.

Our export options, therefore, are called export, they are very weakened and can be silenced at once on our command. Export tanks have a very weakened armor, and so on any weapon, buyers know about it, but they buy it. Like this.

When I was still serving, at the beginning of 2000's, students were already trained in Tver to work on C-500 and modernized C-400. Therefore, you are all right to say.

And then the NATO countries do not have samples?
Purchased through nominees, captured in battle, stolen directly from the KB by spies ....
The mass of options.

Copying the details is not difficult ... But the assembly and adjustment technology is much more difficult to copy ...

Complex "friend or foe", and we have this system called "Password", made by electronic. To make it work, special groups enter digital passwords that change several times a day. They are very secret, do not write the neck. In the case of capture by the enemy or turning off the equipment, everything is reset. So it is impossible to learn anything. Cryptographic password strength - 100 years. So do not be afraid. While I served in the army - such a group was in my submission.

This is a commercial sale, without issuing secrets. Moreover, on the sale of one complex abroad you can make two complexes for your army.

Den if you do not understand how such loans are given, why are you clever. Popularly; 10 billions are not where they are not being withdrawn, but this money is used to produce equipment, then the Turks pay us a loan, interest, and we will sell them electricity from the AU.

In the middle of 90 x amers bought officially !!!! C-300. And no one hid that for the purpose of copying .... And they sold it not from under the floor, but with the sanction of the chief designer .... All the amers disassembled pereschupali and refused to copy. Any piece of hardware can be repeated ..., but the amers could not understand the control algorithms, and without them all the hardware is nothing more than a mass-dimensional layout. So even if Erdogan also tries, he can be smarter.

If it were so simple, then Americans would have bought it long ago through a bogus country and copied it, but it was not all there.

If it were so simple, then China would have its own weapon, copied from the Russian, Soviet, American, etc. but so far the copies are much worse than the originals, and even more so the SAM. And while they are buying it all from us, and this is at the level of Chinese industrial espionage, nothing shines Turkey

Is it hard to copy? In China, any items will be ordered. Mercy now in detail doing so.

By the way, what are the terms of delivery? Type of interest-free loan for 20 years? How they decided to make a new nuclear power plant for Turkey

For now, support the Kurds in their eternal struggle for their state of Kurdistan. They are entitled to it. Turkey is their home, and if they want their home to be called Kurdistan, then so be it.

First of all, top secret production technologies are “packed” in blocks without the possibility of extraction.
Secondly, the main secret is the technological chain, but it is not passed to the Turks.
even India refused.

No need to copy, it is only important to understand the principle, the concept, and they will make an analogy out of their parts and even modernize!

You are not talking to the people, we understand that this is a betrayal, you tell the greedy representatives of the authorities who are ready to sell their homeland for a couple of billions and personal commissions in a foreign bank! (((
How can you sell weapons to a NATO country where we want to defend against them - this is pure madness!

so if someone does not believe so it is the Turks and especially Erdogan Sly corrupt as a jackal. How many wars with the Turks. from such is not something that friends and even acquaintances need to stay away.

copying a complex is a very complicated thing. A small question: where will the Turks take the parts? We have dozens of factories doing them.

Alla did not break nonsense. Your system = someone else's completely secret development, and is not shipped abroad. Yes, and the complex itself is exported greatly curtailed. Without whole blocks.

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And who said that Turkey and Russia are friends? Neither Erdogan nor Putin said this, but they said there are common interests and that’s all. Neither friends nor enemies, but simply have common interests. Inspired by themselves, and then offended.

Beautifully chircan

Once the complex is on sale, it means there is something cooler at times.

If Oh !!! The Chinese still have not stolen and have not made an analog ... then Erdogan .... But the fact that he is no "Friend" ... so it was seen long ago and immediately ... Worse than the Enemies are just smart-ass " Friends"...

God will not give, will not give. He has no problems with this in order to develop an air defense system for Turkey. Completely crazy. Found a design office. And imagine the picture, as some Turkish David pulls from the nearest mountain the tables with the drawings of the new system. :))))

Interestingly, if ours do not deactivate the recognition of "friend or foe", delivered to Turkey C-400 will not be able to shoot down our planes / missiles? And the Turkish will shoot down?

There is no end to these agreements, options ... Got the money - give the goods. Give us, finally, these C-400. War can break out at any moment, the borders need to be made more secure as soon as possible.

Today he plays jazz, and tomorrow he will sell the Motherland ... (c)

Today he will buy С300 / 400 in Russia, tomorrow he will come out of NATO, and the day after tomorrow he will enter the CSTO, or, as it is there .... with two legs, he will enter the SCO, he will take on his chest ....

C-400 - the most important factor in the independence of the country.
Without this complex, any country can fall under the bombs of the Democrats

Found with whom to negotiate. Well this is the main collective farmer and shopkeeper in the Middle East !!! You have not forgotten the case, how did Turkey plane our aircraft? Or how about the Crimea, he spoke ??? So, I want to remind you. Erdogan is such a ******, first of all it is necessary to knock him out of Syria


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