Turkish military


Turkey to Russia: don't even go to Idlib

Turkey hinted to Russia that they were not happy in Idlib.

Starting today, the Russian military together with the military from Turkey were supposed to start patrolling the Syrian province of Idlib, the main purpose of which is to disarm illegal gangs and control the withdrawal of heavy equipment from the demilitarized zone. However, Turkey declared that it could not guarantee the security of the Russian military, and, therefore, would not endanger its own military personnel in cooperation with Russia.

The Turkish side officially announced that the deployment of Russian troops in Idlib should be postponed indefinitely, due to possible attacks on joint patrols.

"We, for our part, cannot provide any guarantees of the complete security of the Russian military personnel"- said in a statement the Turkish side.

In fact, the statement of the Turkish military contradicts the previously published data that all illegal gangs have left the conflict de-escalation zone, as well as heavy weapons were set aside.

“Turkey is trying to take control of Idlib and subsequently annex part of the territory of Syria. It is obvious. If it were not for the agreement between Putin and Erdogan, most of the militants would have already been destroyed by means of videoconferencing and the Syrian military, and closer to the new year Idlib would finally come under the control of the Syrian authorities. ”, - the analyst notes.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the statement of the Turkish military, but if Turkey has not really fulfilled its obligations under the agreements reached, then the Russian Aerospace Forces can resume the bombing of this Syrian province.