Turkish combat aircraft


Turkey will consider the aggression of the use of C-400 against its planes in Syria

Turkish President intends to send its combat aircraft to Syria, but deems aggression if they will be applied against the systems S-400.

A similar statement was made the day before, however, the Turkish president noted that, if necessary, fighters and other military aircraft would cross Syria’s airspace to attack the enemy. However, earlier information resource Avia.pro has already noted the fact that in the near future on the territory of Syria, Russia intends to deploy C-400 missile systems, which, in fact, must completely close the airspace for military aircraft of other countries information, C-400 complexes are already on the territory of this country and are alerted).

Among other things, it is worth noting cynicism glaring fact that voiced by the leader of Turkey, noting that an apology for the downed warplane will not be born, and she should apologize for the parties, the plane that violated the border of a sovereign state.

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