Shell-S destroyed


Turkey destroyed in Syria ZRPK "Shell-S". Video

In Syria, destroyed Shell-S-RMS.

A few hours ago, the Turkish Air Force destroyed in the territory of Syria ZRPK "Shell-S", which was at a position in the province of Idlib. As it turned out, the air defense system was on full alert, however, for completely unknown reasons, not only could not hit the Turkish drone, but did not even detect it, although the latter was only a few kilometers away.

On the presented video frames you can see that the strike was delivered by a conventional air-to-surface missile, which raises a lot of questions regarding the effectiveness of using Russian air defense systems. The activity of the complex is evidenced by a rotating radar and raised guns, while there are no auxiliary vehicles nearby, which indicates that the machine did not replenish the ammunition.

Neither the Russian nor the Syrian sides have yet commented on the destruction of the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, however, today Turkey is the second country in the world that has succeeded in destroying the Russian Pantsir - this has been repeatedly demonstrated by the Israeli military, but exclusively using anti-radar rockets.

For what reasons the Syrian military was able to miss the Turkish drone - it is not known, however, judging by the shooting data, the latter was within the radius of the complex.

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Here are just a video from Libya, and the shell was put there by the UAE.

Actually, this is a shot from an Israeli drone, and the "Shell" was destroyed almost a year ago by the Tsahal rocket

Only not in Syria but in Libya and the shell is not ours but the sold UAE.



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