US Air Force


Turkey expelled US Air Force from Incirlik airbase and may close Bosphorus

The US Air Force was left without the Incirlik airbase in Turkey.

Against the background of the forthcoming imposition of sanctions by Washington on Turkey for the purchase of Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, it became known that this Friday the leader of this country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, intends to announce that Ankara will no longer provide the American military base at Enjirlik military aviation, and in case of active opposition from the US, the Bosphorus may also be closed.

According to the data provided to the Telegram community, it is on Friday that the United States intends to announce sanctions against Turkey, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will declare in turn the Incirlik airbase closed to American aircraft. Moreover, it is reported that if the sanctions will find support from European leaders, then Turkey will close its bases for all NATO member countries.

Against the background of this information, it was stated in social networks that if Washington decides to embark on an escalation, the Bosphorus linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea will also be unconditionally closed.

Earlier it was reported that against the background of the purchase of Russian C-400, the UK intends to terminate with Turkey the contract for the supply of engines for attack helicopters T-129 ATAK, which, together with the failure of the US under the F-35 program, may cause Turkey losses in the amount of 2 billion . dollars.

Zolotii slova !!!

We’ll live and learn, but it’s too early to make conclusions.

as long as everything goes according to custom - you closed first, you were closed after you, you closed the base, you committed a complete defeat with a meme or an incirlik to choose from. You are now friends: Russia and Turkey. You closed the Bosphorus and you closed the Bosphorus along with resorts and Russian flights to Syria, Israel and Egypt, fly through Iran or the South Pole.

speaking of our Ylith, to call her not She, but IT!
or just IT ...

What are Armenian lands? And in general there is no and nebylo! Armenia as a state never existed!


Would you live in Turkey, the same thing would now pour out on the hated sultanate and the damn arm of the sofa ....

Goodbye Erdogan! As soon as there was a threat to his country, amerikosov immediately pozatkali everything and the Montreux Convention became of little interest to anyone! This is exactly the strategy for which the gigonemon comes in the world ... Forward Erdogan!)

Turks have Turks believe them don't respect themselves

Are you talking about the lack of a national elite- 100? they are right! ... I think there are people who are much smarter than resource managers in the Russian Federation ...- who call themselves "elite" ... By all the logic of the consumer society in the Russian Federation is considered "elite" - the one who has more resources! ... The disintegration of statehood under such a philosophy is a matter of time! “Elite” does not need Russia, the power of some people there — the worst dream that they can have!

Well done Turks, they formed their national elite. You can’t say anything about Russia. As you would like to call her, you can have a box with your charter, but I have no doubt about their loyalty to the Motherland. But the Russian elite is very doubtful. You look at the laws that she enacts. Not to overthrow the king. Perhaps Russia is doomed to perpetual chaos. Very strong influence from the outside. We need our own closed patriotic box.

This you personally wash. For all you do not need to talk

Why close? Money must be taken for the passage, say, $ 100 for each ton of displacement!

it is quite possible, but this does not mean that what is written on it will sink into oblivion along with the piece of paper itself.
You are so with your mortgage contract try to do!

The most interesting is yet to come :-) That we, without complaint, wash our face with sanctions, and the Turks are a completely different people! Then I think the same number in America will not work ...

Everything is simple. Turkey, during a peaceful and stable life, has grown rich, as the piggy bank is filled with wealth. The United States and Great Britain think how to crush it and spit it out that they are NATO allies. An attempt to change the power failed. President Erdogan understood this and defends himself. I wish the Turkish people peace and prosperity.

Traders. What is there, what is there. Let's see who is better

Turks - Masons! laughs! your last name speaks for you!

Turkey did not hire anyone. "We say -Turkey, we mean - NATO!"

Agreement from the word BOP!
All contracts are based on mutual trust and mutual benefit at the expense of a third party.
At any time, any piece of paper with the text of any contract can be used for the hygiene of the anus!

Under the contract they will not be able to close the straits, I advise you to read the contract.

Science fiction popular

Yes, if they still close the Americans to the Bosphorus ...: D

On ours.

Turkey has been living at the expense of us since the beginning of the nineties, remember fartsovshchiki, and it has no other way except Russia, but it’s disturbing that there is a very strong Masonic lodge, which includes a lot of officers, well, as we know all are pro-Western, for them Orthodoxy is like a bone in the throat, so there may be another attempt at a coup within Turkey itself.

To drive into the neck of these devils from the hole VSHA!

It seems to me that all this is unlikely! Not Turkey will not give up the American presence, and even more so to block the strait. That would mean ..... I don’t even know what) This is from the realm of fantasy. Then the Crimea too would recognize Russia!

Turks EU just led by the nose ... 40 years !!!! promising EU membership. You can not believe those who hold you for an idiot ... Erdogan is absolutely right!

Turkey is a former empire and it’s not in units with such countries that expect complete submission from them. NATO is for such sixes like Poland, the Czech Republic and other limitrofov. No one threatens Turkey and it is not necessary to arm in a hurry. The country will not lose anything if it does not sell something from Western weapons.

Because Turkey has already invested in the development of F35 and in Turkey they manufacture its components for export for assembly (F 35 is a cooperation, they are assembled in the USA) and England supplies engines for the production of helicopters that Turkey drives for export.

Turkey is moving closer to Russia on the threshold of the 100 anniversary of the Moscow Treaty, under which the Armenian lands were donated to Turkey in exchange for a promise to support the world revolution. Then Turkey threw Russia. And now, having received a go-ahead for the extension of the treaty, Turkey will once again throw Russia and return to NATO. Armenians will have to make titanic efforts to break the new treacherous agreement.

... already paid, but not received, - and therefore a loss ...

Just have to change the helicopter fleet.

because the money in advance is transferred for the engines.

Today, Erdogan said so, tomorrow he will say differently, whether to believe the Turks, everything is tied up with money, however, like us, in Russia.

and why Turkey will get a loss in 2 000 000 000 dollars?
I think the opposite will save?

Normal Turkey Pindos rolled!
And at the same time and NATO!
If only words did not disperse from business!