Turkey blocked the Bosphorus for NATO ships

Turkey closed the Bosphorus to NATO ships.

Turkey began to block the passage of NATO ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, thereby indicating its position against the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the Nordic Monitor, restrictions on the passage of NATO warships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea are already in effect, and therefore, even US Navy ships cannot freely enter the Black Sea region.

“At the meeting, Turkish officials emphasized that stability in the Black Sea should be maintained (paragraph 2.a); NATO activities will be supported in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Montreux Convention (paragraph 2.b); and Russia should not be unduly provoked (paragraph 2.b), military protocols are disclosed. Turkey is a key country in the Black Sea because it controls the entry and exit to the sea through a system of straits, which includes the Istanbul / Bosphorus Strait, the Dardanelles / Canakkale Strait and the Sea of ​​Marmara, connecting the Black and Mediterranean Seas ”- сообщает "Nordic Monitor" by providing relevant documents.

According to current data, several NATO warships have already been denied passage through the Bosphorus, moreover, Ankara motivated this by the existing convention and agreements, however, experts draw attention to the fact that Turkey actively supports Russia trying to prevent any provocations from the North Atlantic alliance.

Is it the USA elephant or what?

Not f vividly! The people laugh from Russia. Control traitors with NATO! From Bulgaria is not left poor! Everything is broken from the EU and NATO!

Erdogan made two landmark events - he changed the Constitution, removing from it the army’s right to preserve the existing system before Erdogan; And he cleaned out about 600 senior officers of the pro-American orientation.
So it will be easier for his successor ... to be a nationalist, not an American dachshund.

Perhaps that is so ....

Well, Pug, it’s strong to know, since it barks at an elephant.

You know that, according to history, the Bulgarians were for Russia, and now that, no one can be trusted anymore, only on themselves

This is all very cool. Till. But the Turk has seven Fridays in the week. Yes, and he is already old and sick. The one who comes after him is still unknown how to turn. So, I would not be so happy.

I agree with you, it’s not the same allies, judging by the history

“Among the main problems inherent in the new machine, experts highlight, firstly, the use of new control systems. <…> The second possible problem is related to the tail unit. On the Su-57, it is represented by all-revolving trapezoidal stabilizers, includes keels with small air intakes to cool the aircraft equipment <...> In addition to the listed problems that could lead to a car crash, the Su-57 has other obvious disadvantages. For example, many experts talk about problems with electronics, which is primarily due to the lack of domestic high-tech production in this area in Russia "

Sultan Recep I became a peacemaker!

You need to understand the attitude of the Turks to Europe, Europe to Turkey. For centuries, Europe has pounded Turkey against Russia, but for a long time it came to Erdogan will withdraw Turkey from NATO will become the second Ataturk the Saudis thought America looks like a bear that pulls a split stump on itself and gets on the nose

Yeah ... kaaak fucking! Right in the brain ... to some

And you need to keep in mind both Fools and Suicides ...

for this, documents are written so that there is peace, not war

Dolbanulka hasn’t grown yet for them to beat the Black Sea Fleet

Who the fuck? NATO warriors? In RUSSIA? Are you out of your mind? Fuck on a nuclear power that has the latest powerful weapons in the world? Only a real Fool or a suicide can do this. Moreover, there are 29 countries in this NATO madhouse and they all want to live. These are the most cowards. They scared Iran like hell incense. Next time you think what to write.

this is another political one.

They are trying to calm and lull the vigilance of the Black Sea fleet and Crimea. And then, how fucking ...))

It’s very good for maintaining peace and stability in the region, if only it wouldn’t be some kind of another political maneuver of Erdogan.

That’s what they say - they sailed ... "whoever touches our Turkish bee, he will not pay off with a hive!"



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