Turkish rocket


Turkish missiles deployed in Idlib, will reach "Khmeimima"

Turkey prepared an unpleasant surprise for Russia in Syria.

Despite the fact that Russia offered the Syrian militants, members of the armed opposition and terrorists holding the Idlib province to voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender their positions, temporarily stopping the bombing, Turkey decided to quickly build up its military presence in Syria. According to sources, Turkey has transferred anti-aircraft defense systems and tactical complexes to Idlib, the range of which allows reaching the Russian military air base Khmeimim.

Specialists believe that Russia has lost its tactical advantage in Syria, which was mainly due to the suspended bombing of militants' positions.

"Now that Turkey has pulled its forces into Idlib, Russia simply will not be able to attack the positions of militants and terrorists, and in case of any threat, Turkey can easily strike at the airbase" Khmeimim. " Obviously, Turkey does not need Assad's presence in Idlib, and it is likely that Erdogan wants only to annex Idlib ", - emphasizes specialist Avia.pro.

Considering Russia's earlier statement, the bombing of terrorists in Idlib will be resumed this afternoon, but if Russia decided to accept Turkey's bid on Idlib, it is likely that the Russian military will refuse to carry out an offensive operation, placing it on Iran and Syria itself.

Played with turkami.S them to be friends, do not respect yourself. At any moment, wait for the knife in the back

Turkey is climbing into Syria for one reason that it counts on US aid and no more and all this talk about what Turkey is doing something is itself the delirium of clean water. What the host says and does otherwise Turkey would have long ago disappeared. are a profane

Che here to think - it is necessary to bomb Idlib. but not with the Turks dialogue. The biggest country in the world behind us is talking to some kind of Turkey, which is knocking down our airplanes?

Not bad Turkey? Ask yourself again when you think about the shot down Su-24! Ask why "our best friend" does not recognize Crimea! the Kremlin has cotton wool, because only full thugs can agree with Erdogan. Now the Turks under their care will grab up, and Putya will say - well, black, well, we kind of won

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