Turkish military attacked the Russian Su-34 over Syria. Video

For 24 hours over Syria three times tried to bring down Russian and Syrian aircraft.

A few hours ago, the Turkish military and the militants supported by them tried three times to bring down Russian and Syrian military aircraft over the provinces of Idlib. We are talking about at least one Russian Su-34 fighter and Syrian fighter-bombers Su-22, which attacked the positions of jihadists in the southern part of Idlib province. The defeat of combat aircraft was avoided due to the timely shooting of heat traps.

On the presented video frames you can see how the Su-34 fighter-bomber, after striking at the positions of the militants, shoots heat traps and tries to escape from the shelling of Turkish MANPADS. Similar cases, according to other sources, were also observed with the Syrian Air Force.

All three attempts to defeat military aircraft were recorded from almost the same area, and not only the militants, but also the Turkish military are here, which confirms the evidence that it was Erdogan’s troops who tried to destroy the Russian and Syrian bombers.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the information that appeared about attempts by Turkish military and pro-Turkish terrorists to bring down Russian aircraft, however, given the video that appeared on the Web, it is logical to assume that militants often attempt to destroy Russian combat aircraft, which creates certain risks.

Why not accidentally send a pair of 200mm blanks to the launch site of MANPADS? Then we apologize and start buying tomatoes!


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and where is the attack itself ???? trap shooting - standard procedure in the danger zone

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... but because there is no longer a stinger there ... you suggest hitting an empty place? ... in order not to be shot down or killed, you need to understand that Russia has nothing to send to the death of its people!

Stinger locations? Stinger is a portable complex. I drove in a jeep into the desert, shot and rushed off. And why bomb the desert?

and where are the launches of MANPADS

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Reconnaissance with the help of unmanned vehicles identifies the location of the Stinger. The terrorists fired a rocket, and instantly a high-precision ammunition is struck from another aircraft located specifically nearby for this purpose, and there are such ammunition, the press writes. Well this is elementary.

So it was necessary to bomb on the rocket launch points. This is for security.

Question: And why are launch points for MANPADS not immediately destroyed by missiles ?! Who are you waiting for? - Erdogan with bread and salt ?!

Throughout its history, Russia fought with the Turks. Have they changed and become friends over the past 20 years?
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