Turkish troops surrendered under the powerful blow of Russia. Video

Turkish troops were forced to urgently retreat under the blows of Russian bombers.

Erdogan’s refusal to comply with the agreement with Russia on Syria forced Russian bombers to teach the Turkish army a very cruel lesson. While following a convoy with armored vehicles in the area of ​​Al-Bara settlement, two Russian bombers inflicted powerful blows on a convoy of Turkish troops. As it turned out, the airstrike was preventive and aimed as a warning to the Turkish troops, however, the latter perceived this as aimed strikes and were forced to capitulate - after waiting, the Turkish convoy urgently advanced in the opposite direction.

On the presented video frames, you can see that we are talking about the use of powerful air bombs, while, contrary to the arguments of the media, this is not about artillery preparation by the SAA, but rather about the use of combat aircraft, as evidenced by the sound of jet engines.

In another video, released a little later, you can see that the Turkish troops are trying to hide from airstrikes in a residential building, after which, according to sources in the ranks of the terrorists, the Turkish troops were forced to urgently leave the city of Al-Bara, heading on the return route.

According to experts, the Turkish military perfectly understood the hint from Russia - if necessary, a large convoy of Turkish armored vehicles could be destroyed in a few minutes, and the blame for this would lie entirely with Turkey, since Ankara violated existing agreements.

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