Turkish Air Force


Turkish Air Force 20 more than once violated the airspace of Greece

Within days Turkish fighter 22 times violated the airspace of Greece.

As it became known, the Turkish military aircraft over the past day more than 20 once entered the airspace of Greece, going deeper to 25 kilometers, which in turn caused a lot of criticism from the Greek military command, which, in fact, could not oppose fighters in connection with the fact that both countries are in NATO.

For its part, the military command of Turkey refused to comment on this situation, in fact, ignoring any claims from the Greek government. In addition, the information portal Avia.pro clarifies the fact that over the past year, the Air Force aircraft of Turkey several times illegally invaded the airspace of Greece, which, according to analysts, most likely indicates the intention of provocation, but given the fact that in the summer of this year Greece can be excluded from the EU, in relation to Turkish aircraft can be used real military power.

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