A Turkish drone was shot down by a Russian Su-35 from a cannon. Video

Syrian air defense systems could not bring down a Turkish drone.

A Turkish attack and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Anka-S, shot down several hours ago, could be destroyed by a Russian Su-35 fighter. This opinion was voiced by the specialist after it became clear that the drone was at a height significantly exceeding the capabilities of Zilka Zilka and ZRSK “Pantsir-S”, as previously stated, while the drone was not hit by a missile, which, obviously , leads to the fact that the aircraft was destroyed by Russian combat aircraft, especially since the incident occurred in the south-eastern part of Idlib province, which is constantly under the control of Russian combat aircraft.

“Given the fact that at the time of the defeat the Turkish drone was at an altitude of 5-6 kilometers, there is a high probability that the drone was shot down by a Russian combat aircraft. The same Su-35 has in its arsenal an air cannon that could well have left drone damage corresponding to those presented on the video <...> It is important to remember that the Russian military is also located in this area, and the strike of the Turkish Air Force is a direct threat ", - said the analyst

In turn, it should be noted that the Syrian army claimed responsibility for the downed Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle, although it is not known literally how the unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down.

So let them now guess ....


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