Su-xnumx defect


Su-57 fighter engines found dangerous defect

The engines for the Su-57 fighters found a defect.

According to the information at the disposal of the resource, the engine developed for the Russian Su-57 fighter, the second stage of the AL-41Ф1, will not be accepted before the middle of this year. This is due to some serious defect, the removal of which took almost a year.

According to the source, referring to the document of PJSC “ODK-UMPO”, we are talking about a certain defect, obviously admitted at the development stage, for the elimination of which the time period from August 2018 of the year to May 2019 was allocated, and, obviously, we are talking about processing of part of the ROC, which in turn will require the creation of a new power unit based on the modified documentation.

How exactly such a defect was made is still unknown, but experts note that the AL-41Ф1 engine is unlikely to be accepted before the middle of this year, and therefore its installation on Su-57 fighters will start no earlier than 2020.

It should be noted that to date there have been no official comments on the identified problem.

* AL-41Ф1 is an aviation turbojet dual-circuit engine with a mixture of flows, an afterburner and an all-glide-controlled thrust vector of the “first stage”, designed for fifth-generation fighters.

I thought this 2 stage will be ready in a year ... It’s just that they don’t go around!

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According to your comment it is obvious that you don’t understand anything about these issues, and therefore it would be better to keep quiet.

Normal publisher does not write unverified information. And why not proven, but because all that concerns the Su-57 is classified information. And so it can only tell someone from the Ministry of Defense. Well, if there is a leak, then I will not envy who did it.

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It is good that there is a footnote at the bottom of the article refuting the main text.
AL-41Ф1 (117 product) is the engine of the first stage, and not the second (product 30), before the installation of which on the 5-6 years more.