Launch of the C-400 missile


Russian C-400 and C-500 may appear at US borders

The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty will be deplorable for Washington.

Against the background of the intention of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles with Russia, there were suggestions that Russia could deploy its modern air and missile defense systems near the American borders. We are talking about the Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and the Prometheus C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems.

To ensure its own protection, within the framework of the US intentions to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles, Russia can take radical military-technical measures. So, there is an assumption that the newest Russian C-400 “Triumph” air defense missile systems can easily be placed in Cuba and in the DPRK, and in perspectives, much more formidable anti-aircraft missile systems - C-500 “Prometheus” may appear here.

“Officially, this issue has not yet been discussed, but Russia is ready to spend several billions on deploying its modern complexes in Cuba and in the DPRK, which provide reliable protection against ballistic and cruise missiles. If Cuba is still trying to maintain good-neighborly relations with the United States, the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un can easily deploy Russian complexes on its territory. ”, - the expert marks.

The expert draws attention to the fact that being installed in Cuba, the C-400 complexes will be able to cover the airspace from American missiles, while the C-400 and C-500 in the DPRK will cover the territory of Russia from missiles launched from the west coast USA.

We can at least restore the tracking station in Lourdes ... For a start ... And you will not be fed up with assumptions ...

.............. As this Syria has not seriously suffered: there is not a single whole building, you do not see in the media ????

What will they do there?

Nowhere do not bahn them all the children there. Ours if they hit somewhere in Voronezh.

removed from Turkey. and now returned again. even nuclear weapons

However, the air defense system, even a very good one, for such a large length of borders, like Russia, cannot fully ensure the complete safety of citizens! The only thing that can prevent Americans starting to go crazy is a good and cold shower! Such a shower could be an increase in Russian SSBNs around the United States. At the same time, at least ten of such submarines must be on duty near the coast of the USA!


do not need a cube with -300, c-400, c-500 need iskander))))

Just removed the idea from the language! And do not substitute other countries

As a potential "martyr" I am! Y; seh crumble

It's time to respond the same in the same place as you can tolerate. They place equipment and Russia must place its near the borders of the aggressor


Start talking about the return of Alaska.

Bahnem, necessarily Bahnem, but then. The whole world is in dust!

Oh, Yes, North Korea, the common border with the United States.

Amerikosov hysterics. And what to do with a man when he has a tantrum. Correctly beat on the cheeks to come to himself. He then also says thanks. But in general, there is a feeling that they themselves are asking for someone to revive them. They stand and ask, saved Europe, now save us.

Couldn't it? Yugoslavia and Iraq did not survive the same bombing. And Syria has not seriously suffered. And this is with the old C 300 and razdolbayami at the console.

Sarmat, a rocket with a nuclear engine and a rocket with speed in 21 max. These are all 3 different products. You have listed their benefits. And it’s not possible to combine them in one. Yes, and fail, at least not in this life.

Cuba and the DPRK have already been sentenced, but they still do not know it And who among you will place their missiles there? Here we have people with fantasies

... But in general there is a completely low-cost way - America is surrounded by oceans, this was noticed by the great peacemaker Academician of Sugars. He suggested that America will come to its senses if you learn about it, the SAKHAROV scenario = to place a dozen powerful hydrogen bombs per hour .... off the coast of America ... installation methods - a mobile container from a submarine ....

... And Nicaragua? Sandinistas will not allow Soviet air defense? Russia declares supersonic rockets ..... Place them on Kamchatka, in plastic bunkers, as if there is a small rock ...), and if they are placed on mobile offshore platforms (in Soviet times they were made and successfully tested) .. . Let two or three hundred installations float along the coast, together with rubber “dolls” and again into the bunker plastklklyy .... to make bunkers a couple hundred more and in different places so that you can swim for unmasking too ... well for masking mobile sea complexes .... And to invite to test amenrikosov .... Pu a couple of missiles will fly towards them, flight time to America 10-12 maximum minutes .... let five-six missiles fly along to create a DOME PROTECTION ... and put all this on Kamchatka ... neither Korea nor a cube is needed ....

Everything is new, it is well forgotten old. And the story does not like the subjunctive mood ..

Time Fireworks mark in advance, we will not go to work .................

And who wrote off? ... Facts on the table, then let's talk about the soul.

Cuba is just the previous round of conflict in relations between the USA and the USSR (Russia).
Then, for the first time, the United States felt vulnerable and was ready to start a nuclear war to overcome this situation.
As a result, we removed from Cuba, and they from Turkey.
On both sides of the ballistic missiles that have a trajectory with the exit into space.
Now everything is much more dangerous, they fly near the land, relatively cheap and therefore there are many of them.
The most annoying thing is that we have practically nothing to exchange this time. Attempts were with Venezuela, but apparently it is far from the United States and does not frighten them since Cuba.

Be true said. All lisping. And our knocked down. All close. Representations Deepa, ziPy, etc. The court takes.
And, here at America something would take. An aircraft carrier would be sent.
And they gave me a light.

Do you even know the possibilities of C-400 coverage from Cuba; the entire US west coast is closed tightly; not a single rocket will take off.

KOnecho, umno! Samja luchsha taktika. Ne dostatochno toko obranit se. Nada shturm. Bilo nada ranshe eto provesti. Tagda bi Amerika bila spokoinia i respektirovala Rossiu.

This is Putin tried. All countries have written off billions of dollars in breadth of their souls. No one else has done such a thing.

Well, in Cuba, then with-400, it is still possible, as it is to understand, but in North Korea, why? Globus, the authors of the article watched? What is the western coast of the USA? What are you carrying?

And twenty-five billion dollars forgiven Cuba? Do not count?
With this money, you can buy enough land in Cuba (or 50-100 years) to build on this land what you want.

It’s a mistake - the nations do not fight among themselves, they fight the state structures with the hands of the peoples. The state bends as the people want. And it should be vice versa !!!

And why do you think that this is an error and not a strategy?

It seems everything is correct and you can agree with these points. Personally, I would roll the Ukrainian camarilla in tatters, being at the helm of the state. BUT. The question arises: what to do next with this gadyushnik, when there are problems in the impoverished country above the roof, and these problems grow every day like a snowball. It seems to me that Putin, somewhere in the depths of his soul, thought about it just so, quietly stepping aside, believing that there everything would eventually resolve itself. It can be noted that Putin and his team never took instant decisive action and this is its weakness.

What is there to think - you need to be brought to trial for extremism!

Vadim you are mistaken the appearance of our missiles in Cuba, the Caribbean crisis went out, and after leaving Europe the crisis there only intensified

Cuba, like Vietnam, has long been denied us bases. It was not necessary to throw and leave ...

And here C-400, they are not covered by the INF. Put at least now and except Cuba and the DPRK, they will not cover anything. This is a purely defensive air defense system protecting the area in which it is installed.
All are frightened by nuclear missiles of the Tomahawk or Caliber type, which can be placed near the borders of Russia or the USA, which have a short flight time for making a decision, and covering the entire territory of the country.
Practically, such missiles were deployed in Cuba, which led to the Caribbean crisis, and then in Western Europe.
This led to the appearance of the contract. Now, the United States apparently believes that they will be able to inflict such a massive preventive strike from the bridgehead of the countries of Eastern Europe on which we will not have time to respond.
To do this, and go to calmly and legally prepare.
The position of Poland is striking - they both served as provocateurs in XNUMHY of the world, having lost half of the population, and now they are eager to become the object of a preventive nuclear strike.

This statement on behalf of the European Union has far-reaching consequences: - The occupation of the EU Navy - by the countries of Europe / EU across the entire water area of ​​the Black and Azov seas, without NATO. And NATO is around the land territorial borders of Russia, from the Baltic to the Black Sea!

It's only the beginning!

V.PUTIN admitted CONTRACT OF FIVE STRATEGIC ERRORS in February-March 2014:

1. He accepted the legitimate President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych, overthrown by the fascist Maidan, instead of returning him to the presidency of Ukraine with the troops of the CIS.
2. No 20-24 February 2014 was introduced by the CIS peacekeeping forces to Ukraine, from Belarus and the southern direction - through the Donbass, when there was no president, no government, no Rada, no army or navy in Ukraine! - Come without military operations up to the Polish-Ukrainian border! Sanhedrin not allowed!
3. With the hands of his confidant Surkov, V.Putin crushed the Unified structure "Novorossiya" - the Parliament of O. Tsaryov, into two tiny structures of the LPR and DPR!
4. In March, the 2014 of the year (the famous 7 points of V.Putin, written on the knee in the plane) stopped the offensive of the OMONs across the border of the DNI and the LC, which, AT MINIMUM, should have liberated the territory of the entire Soviet Donbass in the Soviet administrative and regional borders!
5. On the basis of p. 4, V.Putin brought to oblivion the issue of the historical liberation of the entire Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and other regions of the Soviet South of Russia, as a succession of Russia, territories illegally transferred to Ukraine by N. Khrushchev, and thereby removed the STRATEGIC issue of releasing the Crimea and the whole of Azov -Black sea with an agenda.

If the right decision was taken to build the "Crimean Bridge", which would be strategically appropriate only after carrying out the 1,2,3,4,5 p., And after opening the direct railway connection of the mainland with the Crimea, in the liberated regions of Donbass and the Kherson region.

I showed all these questions to V. Putin and V. Yanukovych in the February Open Letter 19-23 in February, having passed it not only through the President’s Internet reception, but also through the SBRF website.
There was no answer!

Rake, the Russians, as Yeltsin said, this cesspool, which can no longer be cleaned ...

For Russia The historical chance of THREE DAYS, which was given to V.Putin from 19-24 in February 2014 of the year - is irretrievably lost!

Think Slavs!

We have Putin. And this means that Cuba will let it go.
The authority is great.

I agree. For them, and we live. But if the reckless uncle brandish his club so that it can harm the children ...
Only one conclusion: it must be stopped. Thank God that we have Putin!


That's right, Leonid, why is North Korea when Chukotka and Kamchatka are much closer to the USA.

You read comments and fucking .. Only one saw, with whom you can agree to 100%. Lord, people should not argue where to put weapons, which banks, we should think how to stop this madness !! Politicians need to sit down at the negotiating table and level the situation . Children do not just want to live, they must live !!!

Pushkin also foul language.

And you read the story, the Caribbean crisis began with the fact that the Cubans began to rattle a cannon and shot down an American plane, and only then everything went. So the Soviet Union, alas ...

Kazbek, you can also protect the corn. In Syria, Russia was not bombed. Russia has not concluded any agreements on the protection of the Syrian army from the coalition forces, respectively, our air defense never tried to repel the attacks. News read, our Ministry of Defense reports on how many SYRIAN air defenses shot down missiles. And they do not have C-400 and normal echelon defense. Moreover, they have no means and determination to counterattack. We have one and the second, but not in defense of others, but in defense of ourselves. Whether it is honest with respect to Syria is a completely different question, we now seem to be not talking about that.

30 yards

Lord of the world do not rush to destroy each other, remember the children. They really want to live.

Forgiven already, but now we must negotiate with Cuba on the deployment of our anti-missile weapons.