Putin and the DPRK


Kim Jong Un has analogues of Russian C-400

It became known about the acquisition of the North Korean technology of the Russian C-400.

A few days ago, the DPRK announced that in the near future, the country's defense system will have air defense systems capable of striking fifth-generation US fighters, which South Korea will adopt. Experts have suggested that we can talk about buying Russian C-400 systems, and, as it turned out, this is almost completely true.

According to the information provided by the American edition of the “Military Watch”, the DPRK will soon have an air defense system with the capabilities of the Russian C-400, but this is only a counterpart, which, nevertheless, uses technologies implemented in the most long-range air defense system the world (from adopted - approx. Ed.)

“It is assumed that a number of C-400 technologies are being introduced in North Korea in the KN-06 anti-aircraft missile system, which, according to a number of Western sources, was developed with the assistance of Russia”, - the newspaper reports.

At the moment, the DPRK is already armed with KN-06 air defense systems, which in their appearance partially resemble Russian C-300 and C-400, however, given the fact that we are talking about development, obviously, experts mean an upgraded version. Remarkable is the fact that there were no official comments from Russia on this subject.