Russian reconnaissance aircraft observed off the coast of California

07.05.2014. Herbert Carlisle, the head of the Pacific Air Forces of the US Pacific Region, said that his subordinates had spotted reconnaissance aircraft of Russia off the coast of California.

The commander stated that these overflights, committed with the help of long-range aircraft are directly related to the developments in Crimea and Ukraine.
Carlisle noted that the actions of the Russian Tu-95, which is classified by NATO troops as "Bear" - Bear, did not go unnoticed. For his interception were raised F-15.

The general also reported an increase in Russian military activity near Japan.

The actions of the Russian Armed Forces look quite natural: not so long ago, NATO announced the holding of mass exercises in Romania, Poland, and the Baltic states. Of course, these doctrines are a response to the Russian forces ’movement towards the borders of Ukraine, but given the scale of the balance between the military forces of Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance, the concern of the Russian Federation is fully justified.

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