Ballistic missile launch


Russia has 528 ballistic missiles capable of ending the United States

Russia does not need to use Avangards and Sarmatians.

Analysts of the American edition of The National Interest stated that Russia does not need to use its latest hypersonic missiles Avangard and Sarmat, since even existing armament allows the United States to erase from the face of the planet.

According to the data presented by the specialists of The National Interest, the world is actively discussing the latest Russian hypersonic armament, completely forgetting that Russia possesses no less powerful weapons. In particular, the same 528 ballistic missiles that are in service with the Russian army can not only give a decent response to the United States in the event of a military conflict, but also wipe this country off the planet.

Analysts believe that today the United States simply does not have reliable air defense and missile defense systems, and even assuming that 90% of Russian ballistic missiles are simply destroyed, which is extremely unlikely, the rest will easily destroy all remaining US military bases and strategic facilities and that's just one hit.

Taking into account the fact that already in the 2019 year in service with Russia, Avangard complexes may appear, and by the 2020 year - Sarmat, the United States remains in an extremely disadvantageous position.

The best medicine for the USA is our Topol. Therefore, we simply need to submit an ultimatum to them that they owe us an amount in the amount of their GDP (in the United States it is ~ $ 18 trillion), with payment in 18 years (in a triple year). Or wait for our Topol - type, choose. And if they ask for what ?, let them look through the history textbook and see how much damage the West has inflicted on Russia over the last 300 years. It’s time to pay back. Therefore, we offer the softest option for them, money in exchange for a quiet, pig-like life. earlier to eat GMOs and sleep in the gardening area, to prick drugs and to go to the point. Romance ... Well, a bit about Nato - this is the most fucking warriors in the world. Such cowardly soldiers have not yet been in the world in the history of the planet. Give an example where the west would fight with an equal opponent? There are no such examples. They kill only old people and children. And just bluffing, surrounding Russia around the perimeter. They just take it on "weakly", but for some reason ours were led to their bluff. It is very strange. This bluff must be understood and be ready first, to be ahead of "pay off" the enemy. It is necessary now to bring our squadron and submarines to the shores of the Pindos, to target all the energetic missiles at them and to present such an ultimatum, as their knees immediately tremble. Confident on 100%. They don't even twitch. Why? The answer is simple - they have something to lose (this is the main thing that everyone has forgotten about). Therefore, when for the United States, the enemy is economically equal, like China, or equal in arms, like Russia (and even better together) will assign them a member of them " to the smoked eye "- they will cling to their riches, dropping to servility, and will be ready to pay any money, just not to touch. Immediately forget about the" exclusivity "and bitter tears will flow. Everyone surely knows (from movies or from life) that when a certain "cool" terrorizes the whole street with his gang and then takes him for m shonku another, even more daring pepper, then immediately disappears somewhere the courage and daring of the first? It’s very interesting. It turns out that life is more expensive than a wallet. And the money is nothing at all (example: one has a ruble in his 1 pocket, another has 1000 rubles, but both have a pistol in their hands. And what’s the economy here?) ? In general, the wedge knocked wedge. But we have no such problems - we have lost 300 years - now, I hope, the return flow will go. That's the whole difference between us and the west. Therefore, baby talk about the so-called. "peace with the West" let them leave for our liberals, who take from the West by the cheek and under the tongue. But for such an ultimatum, we need strength and political will. We have enough strength, little will. We are waiting, when our rulers mature ...