Russian Ka-52 helicopters found critical defects

Ka-52 helicopters revealed unexpected technical problems.

Despite the fact that the Ka-52 Russian attack helicopter is considered one of the best in the world, during its use on the territory of Syria, the combat vehicles revealed serious technical problems that can not only reduce the effectiveness of the use of helicopters during special operations, associated with strikes, but also lead to air crashes.

According to the information presented by the Defense Blog, the technical problems of the Russian Ka-52 helicopters manifest themselves during their operation in a hot climate, in particular, we are talking about the same use of these combat strike units in Syria. It is reported that during the operation of Ka-52 attack helicopters in a hot climate, the engine fails, malfunctions of avionics and electronic systems, navigation systems, etc., appear, which in turn significantly increases the risk of incidents.

Earlier it became known that against this background Egypt refused to buy Ka-52 Russian helicopters, choosing American Apol AH-64E helicopters as a more effective replacement.

* Ka-52 "Alligator" - Russian reconnaissance and attack helicopter, produced from 2008 year.


Agree, very similar to the fake, common competitors. Therefore, the operational qualities of the Ka-52 TASS asked the head of the Armament Department of the Egyptian Armed Forces Tarek Saad Zaglyulya to dot the i.
- This helicopter is at the level of the highest quality, not inferior to the American Apache. This is a great car that is a good help to our air force, - said the general.

Information frank fake. Mi-28 have the same engines and, in fact, the same avionics and nothing comes out of the system.

And what, the author from the “Defense Blog” himself flew the Ka-52? The same engines on all Mi helicopters and no complaints about them.


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