Gulfstream G650 aircraft


Shuvalov found a plane for 70 million dollars

Where did Shuvalov get an airplane for 70 million dollars?

Journalists of the Forbes publication have published an article telling that former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov owns the Gulfstream G650 business jet, the cost of which, by the most conservative estimates, is 70 million dollars. This information was confirmed by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Luxembourg, however, representatives of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia refused to comment on this information in any way, which raises a lot of questions.

The source, in turn, reports that the Gulfstream G650 business jet may not be owned by Shuvalov directly, it is possible that the plane is registered to any of his relatives, but the business jet is used exclusively in the interests of Shuvalov himself.

Earlier it was reported that a big civic resonance was caused by information that Olga Shuvalova was driving dog shows Corgi, using the expensive business-jet Bombardier Global Express for this, although the former deputy prime minister did not specify the aircraft in his declaration.

The appearance of a new expensive business jet from former vice-premier Igor Shuvalov may turn into another scandal, at least, the first trends for this already exist.

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