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The US and NATO have a new plan to wage war with Russia

A new concept of the ground forces implies a bet on high-precision long-range weapons, namely missiles, long-range artillery and hypersonic weapons.

The report "World Accounting for Ballistic Missiles", made by the Association for Arms Control, noted that Russia is armed with an entire arsenal of short-range, medium-range and long-range missiles. Many of them are mentioned by the American leadership as the number one threat.

The Russian military has advanced tactical weapons, for example, the OTR-21 (“Point”) missile system, capable of destroying targets at a distance of 185 km.

The medium range PC-26 “Frontier” ballistic missiles have shown their effectiveness in hitting targets at a distance of 5800 km. Finally, Russia owns numerous long-range ballistic missiles capable of delivering targeted strikes at a distance of 11 000 km. In particular, the latter includes the RT-2PM2 Topol-M rocket.

NATO and Europe are concerned not only about the range of these missiles, but also about their advanced aiming and targeting systems, which are much more accurate and capable of accompanying moving targets.

The radars, created on the basis of GPS and inertial navigation devices, using high-resolution sensors, improve the capabilities of troops with respect to maneuvers and offensive operations.

US Army Secretary Mark Esper, during a recent conference held at the Brookings Institution, noted the need to outstrip the enemy in terms of the range of firepower.

"A number of reasons point us to the fact that we must have a quantitative advantage in fire weapons and weapons for firing from closed positions, not only on land. In addition, we should be able to support other kinds of troops and types of armed forces, "Esper said in accordance with the transcript of the conference.

The long-range and high-precision missile developed for the ground forces LRPF should go into service closer to 2027 year. It uses the technology of targeting the newest generation, and the target range will be 500 km.

The Army Command stated that the LRPF program is an attempt to create a high-speed land-based missile with a long launching range capable of destroying enemy facilities, helicopter platforms, places of concentration of troops, air defense assets and other fixed targets, and the launch range from it, based on statements , will be 3 times the range of systems currently in service.

Many agree that long-range fire guns of the earth-to-earth class play a huge role in the fight against such a likely adversary as Russia, which is armed with some of the most advanced air defense systems in the world. In fact, in a real military clash, the US will not have superiority in the air, so they will have to replace air strikes with missile strikes. It is possible that the LRPF rocket will provide commanders with the opportunity to deliver remote strikes when their troops are sent to the rear of the enemy to conduct an offensive.

In his speech at the Brookings Institute, Esper noted the exceptional importance of interspecific interaction of fire weapons. In the concept of land forces, a significant place is given to integrated modern threats that require consolidation in the interaction of different types of armed forces. High-precision long-range fire weapons can play an important role in defeating the enemy’s air defense system, which will open up more opportunities for the Air Force to deliver strikes.

"Therefore, high-precision means of drawing long-range fire are today in priority for modern ground forces. If, for example, it is necessary to suppress the air defense system, then we will have the means to carry out this task. And after the destruction of enemy air defense, we will clear the passage for our Air Force and they will do their job as well as they know how to do it. "- said Esper.

Recently, the companies Lockheed and Raytheon received a contract for the development of LRPF, the value of which is estimated at 116 million dollars. Developers of weapons are going to create several prototype rockets before the year 2020, which will be an important stage on the way to its combat readiness.

In addition to the LRPF rocket, the ground forces are going to strengthen hypersonic weapons and new systems of long-range artillery capable of firing 155-millimeter shells at a distance 2 more than now.

According to the news agency Jinji Toutiao, China

The US missile defense has aerospace hypersonic aircraft of the TR-3B type and its numerous modifications invisible to radars. Fly at an altitude of 100 m at a speed of 3 km per second, in space more than 50 km per second. They fly with impunity over the Russian Federation! There are many video evidence. If these secret technologies are used on old missiles, and this is real, then all of our super systems, super-rockets, super planes will be shot down easily and quickly. Our General Staff recently stated that the Russian Federation knows that the US missile defense will destroy all our launched ICBMs in 150 seconds !!!! It turns out that Russia has nothing to punish the US in case of its aggression!

How many such plans have already been, do not count. How many attempts have been made to destroy Russia, both royal and modern. All these plans are for cutting big doughies. And Russia is, and for some reason is not frightened. The main thing is that we ourselves do not destroy our own country from within, and we will overcome any enemy. Own, internal enemies - they are worse than external ones. Primus? There is one fresh - Gorbachev. The communist leadership, wishing to warm their hands and pockets, brought it to power. The result is known. Here it would return to Russia to the judgment of the peoples, and hang the Judas on the birch, for the edification of others, for the present not yet dead. But it's a pity - the hands are short, this bastard the Americans and Anglo-Saxons will not give us.


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