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The United States has a defense against Russian EW

Russia's most powerful electromagnetic weapon may be helpless against the United States.

The US Department of Homeland Security made a statement that scientists from the United States were able to create a unique defense that would counteract Russia's ultra-modern electronic warfare systems. Today, Russian EW systems pose a serious danger to American ships and aircraft, however, given the report, thanks to an innovative development, there is now an effective means against Russian weapons.

In the middle of this year, US military experts recognized Russia's superiority in the development of modern electronic warfare and suppression, noting that Russia has achieved outstanding results in this direction. This is the best confirmed by the fact that when deploying Russian EW Krasuha complexes in Syria, the United States lost several UAVs, nearly lost the C-130 “Hercules” aircraft, and according to unconfirmed information, the day before, under the influence of the Russian complex "Krasuha", was damaged and the US aircraft carrier "Harry Truman".

According to information provided by the US Department of Homeland Security, at the moment a means of countering Russian electromagnetic weapons is already being tested at test sites, and in the near future may well appear in service with the American army.

Only complete ... (substitute yourself) in the modern world can think that one nuclear superpower can WIN another nuclear superpower!
In any case, will cover all.

We have created a super bulletproof vest from enemy super-bullets !!! We have neither an enemy super-rifle, nor an enemy super-bullet to test it, but we, bitch, created a super-bullet-proof vest and that's that !!!
Then it turns out that, as usual, they were not properly understood !!!

Dedok comes to the urologist:
-Doctor, I have a problem, the old woman does not start
-And how old are you?
-76 what?
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What kind? Tights and lipstick in the US Army? You do not need to fight, just deploy and ready !!!

If you would have won long ago

The United States has long had all the technology to defeat Russia in any battle, what is there to argue

It is hardly possible to "burn electronics" all, but it is quite possible to burn or drive into the "saturation mode" input circuits of receiving devices. Avaks, this radio intelligence "from afar", above all. This means that all input attenuators, protective preselectors of receivers must be "brought to zero" to increase the sensitivity. "Band" frequency filters are required, by definition. But they have no dynamic characteristics of power stability. Yes, and the frequency of radar Avaksa known. It is quite possible to blow, through a narrow beam, at the desired frequency, the power so that it “penetrates to the very bones” of the supersensitive, “extra-soft” input active element of the amplifier-mixing system of the receiver. And that's all - Avaks should fly for repairs. By the way, in view of the “narrowness of the beam,” other planes in the zone will not be affected. Civilian Aircraft can fly, but it would be better for them not to go there. Somehow, in general terms.