Turkish Air Force aircraft


Turkey had information about the route and the time of flight of Su-24

Turkey follows the route and the time of flight Russian bombers in Syria.

That is why, according to the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, and was chosen as the time for the attack on the Russian Su-24. Experts believe that the ability to track the Russian aircraft was present in the Turkish Air Force due to the fact that Russia has warned NATO its intention to make their sorties for bombing LIH positions.

In fact, according to many experts, NATO member countries conducting a special operation in the territory of Syria against the "Islamic State" group very much limit the capabilities of the Russian military, since air strikes require a special time and careful planning of the route through which the flight will be carried out. turn may be one of the reasons for closing airspace over Syria for foreign aircraft.

Avia.pro notes that during the special operation in Syria, Russian planes have already made about 5 thousand sorties.

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