NATO Air Force


NATO Air Force has no chance to stand up to Russian combat aircraft

Finnish professor said that in the event of hostilities, in the Air Force, NATO no chance to stand up to the Russian aviation.

Currently, the Air Force planned NATO exercises in Estonia are nothing more than a demonstration performance, which increasingly needs to surprise the local citizens. According to Finnish professor Stefan Forss, in case of conflict the European Union in any case will not send additional aircraft, and first of all there will be strengthening its own borders of each State which is part of the EU.

Stefan Forss stressed that the NATO Air Force in the Baltic countries will face serious problems, both with the maintenance of aircraft and their refueling, the provision of ammunition, etc. In addition, the NATO Air Force will not be able to resist Russia in the event of a threat of military actions either by the power of the aircraft or by their number, and moreover, Russia has much more experience in conducting military actions, which leaves NATO aircraft no chance.