Air Force Doctrine CVO Russia

13 March. In the Central Military District, military air defense maneuvers were held. Aircraft A-50 was able to fix all conditional opponents at different heights. In this case, defensive actions were worked out at altitudes from 2 to 9 kilometers. A-50 worked with fighter escort MiG-31.

Radar aircraft was able to record both single and group targets of conventional opponents. The fighters, having received the exact coordinates, dealt a striking blow to the alleged enemy. The air collision lasted no more than 25 minutes.

Thus, the Russian Air Force, the central military district in particular, was able to demonstrate a high level of training.

In the exercises participated parts of the Perm region, the group "Falcon". In the air, 20 crews were climbing. Accordingly, the Air Force of the TsVO was able to confidently fulfill its duties.


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