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Scientists from France are developing a plane with a movable wing

French scientists are developing a passenger car.

The idea of ​​creating a flying machine using flywheel energy was born a long time ago, and to date, these aircraft have already undergone their tests, but for a number of reasons, they did not receive much support. Nevertheless, the French scientists engaged in the implementation of a unique project, in particular, it is about creating an aircraft capable of moving at the expense of the energy of the wing wing.

Foreign publications report that the aircraft will still be equipped with a power plant, however, the wings of the aircraft will be able to make fly movements, which in turn will reduce fuel costs for flight performance, and significantly reducing noise levels.

At the moment, the development of the aircraft with a moving wing is at the initial stage, however, the researchers believe that by the time of 2023, the first prototype will be able to pass the tests, after which it will be possible to raise the question of the expediency of preparing these aircraft for production.