Scientists from the US will launch next year the world's largest aircraft

American aircraft builders will launch in 2016 the largest aircraft in the history of aviation.

The plane, called Stratolaunch its dimensions bypasses all known global aviation aircraft - its wingspan is 117 meters. Among other things, news editors learned also about the other characteristics of the aircraft - the plane has two fuselages to maintain the required stiffness of the whole structure, the chassis consists of 28 wheel, which is also a record, and in addition, the aircraft has a power plant consisting of a six jet engines Pratt & Whitney.

The technical characteristics of the Stratolaunch aircraft are not officially disclosed at the moment, however, the creation of an unusual aircraft itself is mainly related to research and development purposes, while it is possible that in the future such a design can be used both as a military aircraft and as civilian aircraft, however, scientists from the United States refused to comment on these data in more detail.

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