Attack helicopters Mi-28H "Night Hunter" equipped with a unique combat system

The Mi-28H helicopter received a new equipment, which has become a "smart" combat system.

Referring to a source in the aviation industry, TASS reports that the Mi-28H helicopter is undergoing tests of a “smart” reconnaissance-strike complex. It is intended to assist the navigator in cases where the response of the person is not enough.

This complex is equipped with an electronic weapon operator. He is able to identify a specific enemy on the battlefield. His task also includes the choice of weapons from the arsenal on board, with which you can hit a specific target. The last operation, the discovery of fire, is also performed by the electronic operator of the weapon.

However, in this situation, everything is decided by man. That is, the weapon is selected, but the fire is not open. What goal should be destroyed, defines the navigator. All he needs to do is touch the mark on the LCD display with his finger. If necessary, a person can cancel the task.

And still the “wiser” “Night Hunter” gets the opportunity to independently plan the safest flight route. At the same time, own forces and opened lines of enemy air defense are taken into account.

That is, the main task of the tested new complex is to help pilots in such cases when only one human response may not be enough.

It should be recalled that attack helicopters operate at high speeds and low altitudes. In such conditions, people are not always able to fully control the situation on the battlefield. The new system unloads the pilots in the choice of weapons, which means that the pilots can perform other tasks.

According to the NATO classification, the Mi-28H helicopter is designated "Havoc" ("Ravager"). His task is to search and destroy targets in conditions of active combat. His arsenal is the 30-2 and NNGPU-42 XM guns, the Shturm-V, Ataka-V, and Sagittarius ATGMs with the Igla rocket. In addition to the armament of the machine unguided rockets NAR C-28 and NAR C-8.

The maximum speed of the helicopter is 300 kilometers per hour. He can perform aerobatics.

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