Mi-35 attack helicopters had to defend a Russian military patrol in northern Syria. Video

Russian military helicopters Mi-35 managed to protect the Russian military patrol.

Regular attacks on Russian military patrols forced the Russian Air Force to send Mi-35M multi-purpose attack helicopters to protect the military convoy, which could not only protect the military patrol, but also prevent subsequent attacks.

As you can see on the presented video frames, during the next patrolling by the Russian military of the northern territory of Syria, in one of the settlements, local residents began to stone the convoy of Russian and Turkish armored vehicles. In order to prevent the occurrence of an emergency, Russian helicopters began firing ammunition with tear gas and telp traps.

According to a number of sources, due to the adoption of such measures, most of the protesting citizens were able to disperse, which did not create obstacles to the movement of the military convoy, however, at the same time, it was reported that only the Turkish military armored vehicles, whose appearance in Syria, incidentally, were attacked and created a new wave of tension in this region.

According to preliminary information, the convoy of equipment was accompanied immediately by four Russian military helicopters.

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