Russian Su-24 attacks on Turkish army in Idlib hit video

Russia continued to strike at terrorists and the Turkish army in Idlib.

Amid Turkey’s refusal to comply with Syria’s agreements with Russia, Russian military aviation continued to strike at both the militants and the Turkish army, currently located in the city of Serakib. No casualties are reported for the militants and Turkish forces, however, a number of sources report that the terrorists are gradually retreating, fearing that the SAA, with the support of Russian bombers, will launch a powerful assault.

On the presented video frames you can see that the militants and the Turkish military are under a hail of attacks by Russian bombers. The video shows the attacks of the Russian Su-24, however, according to sources, the fighter-bombers Su-34 also took part in the attacks.

It is reported that a lot of obstacles for the Syrian army are regular Turkish shelling using multiple launch rocket systems that do not allow the SAA to launch an offensive, moreover, attacks are carried out with great regularity, and some of them are carried out from the territory of the Turkish province of Hatay.

It should be clarified that no shelling of Russian military aircraft was recorded over the past day, which does not exclude the possibility that Moscow entered into a very tough dialogue with Ankara, warning, obviously, of immediate consequences in the event of real aggression against the Russian air forces.

here amers from Afghanistan will withdraw the units, then the alignment of forces in the region may change. But Turks are not only afraid of Russia. Iran still stands behind Syria. For Russia, China.
If the Turks had their own head, they would fulfill the Sochi agreements and remain with their own - they would close their border with a security corridor. But obviously Erdogan is not the only one who rules the ball.

NATO for Turkey in Syria does not have the right to harness because Turkey is an aggressor.


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