VCS of Russia in Syria


Threat to Russian VCS: Turkish air defense systems deployed in Syria

Turkey is drawing to the borders of Syria modern air defense facilities.

On the border of the Syrian province of Idlib and the Turkish province of Hatay, columns of heavy armored vehicles and anti-aircraft weapons were seen. According to a source in the Twitter microblogging network, it is a question of the whole tank battalion, which has now approached the Syrian province of Idlib, as well as several air defense complexes that can be deployed in the Arab Republic to repel attacks from Syrian The Air Force, and, most likely, the Russian VCS.

A few days ago, the information resource, referring to the Syrian edition of "Syria Call", published information that Turkish military declared their readiness to destroy any aircraft attacking positions of Turkish military and civilians in the province of Idlib. There have not been any official statements that this applies to the Russian military security services either, but taking into account the information about the air defenses in Idlib, it is logical to assume that Turkey will be ready to demonstrate an aggressive attitude towards Russian combat aircraft.

It should be clarified that in the large-scale offensive operation in the provinces of Ham, Latakia and Idlib, the Russian military security services will also directly participate, and therefore the actions of Turkey may pose a threat to Russia's national interests.

It should be noted that the Turkish authorities have not yet received any comments regarding the drawing of heavy military equipment to the border of Syria.

Analysts believe that Turkey intends to annex part of the territory of Syria, in particular, it is about the same province of Idlib, which today is almost completely under the control of the Turkish military and militants of the group "Jays al-Izza", who opposes the current Syrian government.