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Ukraine: Russian dolphins did not go to Russia

After the annexation of the Crimea fighting dolphins belonging to the Ukrainian Navy and in Sevastopol, refused to obey the Russians, refused to eat and died of hunger.

With such a comment, the Ukrainian news portal OBOZREVATEL.UA made a permanent representative of Ukraine in the Crimea Boris Babin.

The animals are connected with a rather sad story, which they told me, "he said.

Babin said that dolphins trained by the Ukrainian Navy were performing commands, reacting to special whistles. The Russians received whistles and other equipment of the corresponding military unit, but trained animals are not simple about refused to submit to new coaches, but even refused food and died after a certain time.

It is sad to realize the fact that many Ukrainian soldiers stationed in 2014 on the territory of the Crimea have reacted to the issue of fidelity to the banner and oath much worse than dolphins, the presidential envoy noted.

In addition, he said that as of the 2018 year, the Navy is not conducting any practical or research work on the use of small mammals. The military units in which such work was carried out came out of the Crimea without animals and property, ”said Babin.

We remind you that in September 2014 the acting governor of Sevastopol, Sergei Menyailo, announced the transition of the Crimean state oceanarium, where training dolphins were trained, to the subordination of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Based on the materials of "Obozrevatel" Ukraine

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