Aircraft IL-20


Ukraine: there was a plane of the REB, became a crab of Il-20

Ukraine found a reason to mock the tragedy with IL-20.

Despite the fact that the incident with the destruction of the Russian airborne reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 caused concern around the world, in Ukraine they decided to find another way to arrange a derision from this tragedy. So, the Ukrainian edition of "Censoru.Net", stated that there is nothing tragic in the destruction of the Il-20 airplane, it was simply "re-qualified from the EW aircraft, in the crab of Il-20».

In the opinion of the author of the Ukrainian edition, there is nothing surprising in the tragedy that occurred, as Russia independently decided to go to "cunning", allowing the Iranian military to deploy its military bases and facilities in the province of Latakia, which allowed them to cover up with Russian air defense systems.

"... But the Iranians themselves, with the consent of the Russian Federation - began to concentrate their warehouses and production facilities in Latakia, under the guise of Russian air defense. Allowing the Iranians to do this, the Russians automatically summoned the guests to the place where their troops are ... ", - the edition marks.

Among other things, Ukrainian journalists allowed themselves to joke about the death of 15 people (according to updated information - ed.), Which is unacceptable.

"Russian missilemen can easily draw an asterisk on a launcher. <...> The plane, topped with the latest electronics, including the EW, which was supposed to knock the missile off course, and 14 squires - a good trophy", - says the Ukrainian edition.

Micha and what is Ukraine? I will answer - Ukraine is an artificially created state, it was created by the USSR, and the USSR gave the border, in the light of the latest events when your pig ripped off the treaty and friendship and cooperation, Russia has a free hand on everything, and especially territories. After all, only in that contract was it written that the territories and integrity are respected. So it's a shot at your head, after a while, Poland, Hungary and Romania will take what you sliced ​​the USSR after 1945., Well, Russia will take back what was won from the Ottomans, and you will have at best 5 areas without resources and industry, and download whatever you want. Most likely this remaining territory will be covered with barbed wire, so that nothing will spread and not infect anyone.

Vata keeps her pants from dreaming, as it were, again to get her Horde Hippo into Ukraine. As soon as you crush your critters with your rusty rockets your own Pepelats and the air will become purer from you.

It is interesting that these pots will shout when the power in Kiev changes and the state's rate changes to pro-Russian? Most likely in shops all rope and all soap will disappear.