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Ukraine: we will create our own combat aircraft

Strengthening military aviation in Ukraine began to deal with the 2015 year, when they began to pull out of reserve an abandoned equipment and upgrading samples that are in service. As soon as this equipment is ready, it goes to the line units. For example, over the past few weeks, two aircraft have been commissioned into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Su-299M25K was handed over to 1 th assault air raid, which was being upgraded at MiGremont in Zaporozhye, and at 7 brigade of tactical aviation - reconnaissance Su-24MR, which was recently at the Nikolai aircraft repair plant NAR.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the overhaul, both aircraft were also partially modernized. For example, Su-25 was equipped with a device for the emission of false thermal targets and passive anti-radar interference "Adros" KUV 26-50. The completeness of these systems provides the best protection against homing missiles such as "Igla", "Igla-1", "Stinger", "Sidewinder", P-60М, P-73, etc. Also, the changes affected many internal avionics nodes.

It is not known exactly what was upgraded at Su-24MR, because before the conflict in the Donbass, modernization took place with the participation of Russian specialists. But there is information that the state enterprise "Odessa Aviation Plant" offered its own variant of aircraft modernization. Today, several variants of modernization of reconnaissance aircraft models are being worked out there.

The aircraft designers say that attention is paid not only to improving the quality of objective control by installing modern radar systems, but also to obtaining intelligence, and especially to bring communication, navigation and landing equipment in line with the norms of NATO and ICAO.

This indicates that we are witnessing a new stage in the life of the Air Force of Ukraine - the repair of the materiel with the implementation of works on partial modernization. According to such technology, the whole aviation fleet of the country is modernized today.

In parallel, preparations are being made for the start of the second stage - a large-scale modernization of long-range Su-27 fighter aircraft and MiG-29 frontal fighters. The plans are to create shock versions of these aircraft with the possibility of using Ukrainian air-to-ground and air-to-ship missiles (the Neptune project), and guided bombs.

At the same time, only Su-24 reconnaissance versions will remain in service. The functions of the Su-25 front-line attack aircraft and Su-24 medium bombers will be partially assigned to the Su-25 percussion drone and tactical level drones, which are being developed at a rapid pace in various design bureaus.

And in the final analysis, the third stage of the reformation of Ukrainian military aviation - the transition of the Ukrainian Air Force to fourth-generation fighters - should be completed by the year of 2025. If the pace of economic development of the country remains the same, they are most likely to become F-16 aircraft that are in the reserves of the US or other partner countries (that is, in fact, the Polish or Romanian scenario will be implemented).

At the same time, the replacement of combat aircraft L-39 "Albatross" and Su-25 attack aircraft is planned to release its own light attack aircraft like the Yak-130 (alone or in cooperation with foreign partners).

Thus, in Ukraine, the plan for the modernization of the air forces is clearly being followed, which until 2025 will allow us to obtain a sufficiently balanced Armed Forces ensuring the protection of NATO's southern borders.

Based on the materials of the publication "Business Capital", Ukraine

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