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Ukraine: the people will not forgive Putin for the supply of C-300 to Syria

In Ukraine, they believe that Putin made a tactical, strategic and political mistake, passing C-300 to Syria.

Against the background of the information that Russia has completed the delivery of the C-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems to the Syrian army, the Ukrainian information space has literally exploded with criticism of the Russian authorities. So, in Ukraine they believe that the supply of modern air defense systems to Syria, Putin made a tactical and strategic mistake, thereby undermining relations with the United States and Israel, and the transfer of these complexes on a gratuitous basis is a political miscalculation of the Russian president.

In the social network “Facebook”, users are actively discussing the “mistake” of the Russian president in re-equipping the Syrian army with modern air defense systems. Thus, according to users from Ukraine, transferring B-300 “Favorite” to Bashar Assad of the “X-NUMX” air defense system, Putin independently undermined relations with the United States and Israel.

“Netanyahu made Putin understand that any opposition to Israel would be punishable. The Russian economy is already sinking, and in this case, Israel may well lower it to the very bottom, not to mention the fact that “punishment” will follow from Trump. ”

Moreover, the issue of free transfer of weapons is being actively discussed.

“Putin just picked up and donated nearly a billion dollars of weapons to Assad. The people sitting in the mud will simply not forgive Putin such gifts. ”

It should be clarified that, taking into account the data that appeared on the eve of the day, Russia supplied the three divisions of the S-300 “Favorite” air defense system to Syria free of charge.

It is not enough to put C-300. Need to stick to the Syrian desert Jewish planes like ostriches. I pray for it every day.

Ukrainian bloggers and politicians are outspoken idiots, since they think that Russians will blame Putin for C-300. People support this decision. And he only blames him for the fact that these complexes have not been transmitted before.
It has long been necessary for Iskrail to understand that its dominance in the Blind East is the same as the US dominance in the world has ended!

The Ukrainian people will not forgive Putin! Why did he give C-300 not to the APU?

Why did this article even appear? What is the difference between Ukraine and our foreign policy? Free of charge, they will guard our military bases Tartus and Hamim.

Xoxly, in vain you worry - there will be more than enough for you too!

And why are the Ukrainians worried about Russia? They donated 3 people, so it’s possible, and what makes Syria worse.

An adequate response to such gifts should be impeachment.

"The people sitting in the mud will simply not forgive Putin such gifts"
They are not lured who is sitting in the dirt?)))
Vova Dari how much you want)))


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