Ukrainian Air Force


Ukraine: our combat aviation belongs to Russia

Ukraine can not refuse Russian weapons.

The Ukrainian military are forced to use Soviet and Russian combat aircraft because of the lack of the opportunity to acquire new ones. Against this background, a statement was made that Ukraine continues to depend on Russia, including militarily, which, by the way, official Kiev categorically does not accept.

Former officer of the operational headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleg Zhdanov made an ambiguous statement on this matter:

"We have a big problem with the Navy and in general with the Navy, we have to raise the question of whether or not they exist today. We need to decide what to do with aviation. At the moment, aviation 100% Russian. All production of combat aircraft, with the exception of individual parts, and everything else is Russian ".

Indeed, to date, the armed forces of Ukraine are exclusively Soviet and Russian combat aircraft, while Ukraine can not abandon them because of this, in general, there will be no combat aircraft.

"Ukraine was so eager for the West that it completely forgot that nobody wanted it there. I remember that the current government claimed that Europe and the United States will put modern combat aircraft on Ukraine's arsenal, but in reality, all this fell on the budget of Ukraine, which is bursting at the seams ", - stressed the analyst

Yeah, especially the transport IL-76 Ukrainian! Rzhu imAgu)))))

Yeah, yes, and Russian transport aviation - by 100% Ukrainian, and civil - European and American