Air strikes against Syria


Ukraine on Syria: the "failed" country needs to be bombed

The Ukrainian political scientist expressed his opinion about the bombing of Syria.

As follows from the information provided by the Ukrainian TV channel "112", politician Taras Chernovol, made a statement that the bombing of Syria was the right step for the United States. For some unknown reason, the interlocutor of the 112 television channel called Syria a failed state, completely unaware of the political aspects of this country, the fact that Syria was actively fighting against the terrorist group "Islamic State" (the activity is officially banned in Russia - ed.) And etc.

“Considering the logic of Chernovol, it is fair to assume that, politically, Ukraine is a“ full-fledged ”state, as it illegally overthrew the existing authorities, which led to the complete“ destruction ”of the country's economy, the collapse of the armed forces, etc.,” comments the Ukrainian politician military analyst.

In fact, Taras Chernovol suggests further to the US Air Force bombing the territory of Syria, although there are no fundamental reasons for this.

Experts do not rule out that Ukraine's bitterness over Syria is primarily due to its close cooperation with Russia, as well as the desire to invest financial resources in the development of the Crimean peninsula.

Who is content with the fact that America with the West has not legally struck Syria and are happy about it, then I want to wish them the same experience and do not forget the pampers to put on. You are non-humans. It's a pity that such creatures like you are among the innocent people, and still alive and very sorry that because of these here is how you suffer innocent people. Sell you beasts

So Ukraine exists much less than Syria.
And about her consistency, even many Ukrainians have huge doubts.
In any case, such an aggression on the part of the "Hegemon", it would certainly not survived.
Are you suggesting that it be bombed?
Chernovol would certainly follow. How do Americans express themselves - "high-precision" ...

So the result is not visible 103 rockets released it is not clear where. Damascus must still smoke, and since it was a night outbreaks from explosions would be visible for many miles.

The voice of the beaver when the tigers fight. In general, a "cool" attack. 103 missiles - 3 wounded. Well VERY serious result. At the official cost of 1 Tomahawk - 1,4 million dollars. Nearly 145 million dollars. to injure 3? Really cool.)))

They did not give much, it was necessary to equalize Syria, and not ask the Zarusians whether you like it or not