The ban on entry to Ukraine


Ukraine restricts the passage of Russians on their territory

17 APRIL. From now on, Ukraine restricts the pass of Russians to its territory.

According to the official regulation, it is not possible to get to the territory of Ukraine to the inhabitants of Russia, in particular to men aged from 16 to 60, as well as to women aged 20 to 35, without a purpose of special importance (illness or death of a relative). According to preliminary information, only today around 50 people were not allowed through the airspace by Ukrainian border guards.

According to the official resolution, in order to make entry into the territory of Ukraine, including getting into the country via air communication, it is necessary to notify the border committee in advance. It is assumed that this measure is temporary, but in reality, its terms are not specified.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that this measure will not affect the complete cancellation of air traffic, however, due to its introduction, serious problems may arise for a number of passengers traveling to Ukraine.

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