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Ukraine tried to justify itself for the supply of aircraft engines to China

Ukraine began to justify itself for the supply of aircraft engines to the People's Republic of China.

Previously, the resource reported that experts from the United States accused Ukraine of delivering engines for training and combat fighters to China by the Motor Sich company. Due to the fact that this affected the national interests of the United States, experts suggested that they put maximum pressure on Ukraine, including sanctions.

This afternoon it became known that the Ukrainian enterprise Motor Sich tried to justify itself for its actions, but at the same time got Russia into its own affairs, apparently trying to substitute the Russian side.

"The author of the article points out that the aircraft with Zaporozhye engines are used by China to arm the aircraft carriers and help it in opposing the interests of the United States and are urging to put pressure on Ukraine so that it refuses to cooperate with the PRC, pathetically calling it a" knife in the back. " However, similar Chinese aircraft AI-222 will be delivered to the same Chinese aircraft carriers in the event of a contract with MOTOR SICH, and the Russians, having occupied a vacant niche in China's air market, will be immensely pleased with this. Only the blind will not see behind the whole hype raised today lobbying the interests of Russian producers. This is the long-awaited assistance to the military-industrial complex of Russia. In our opinion, such methods have all the signs of unfair competition ", - said in a statement of the labor team of Motor Sich JSC.

By the way, it should be noted that Ukraine is trying to intervene in this incident, the Russian side, and indirectly requests the introduction of sanctions against Russian producers because of "unfair competition." Nevertheless, American political analysts and analysts are not satisfied, and most likely, the US can exert political pressure on Ukrainian industry.