Anti-aircraft missile system


Ukraine threatened to shoot down Russian planes

Ukraine is returning to operation six types of anti-aircraft missile systems.

As follows from the information provided by the publication "Today", the Ukrainian armed forces decided to return to operation anti-aircraft missile systems of the times of the Soviet Union, which can be used to destroy Russian military aircraft, as well as to contain potential Russian aggression against Ukraine.

For absolutely unknown reasons, Ukraine calls Russia an aggressively-minded state, and believes that this country is preparing an air invasion of its territory, which, of course, is not true.

Sergey Zgurets, who is the head of the Defense Express information and consulting company, said that today the capabilities of S-300PS anti-aircraft missile systems and Buk-M1 air defense missile systems are insufficient to ensure the safety of Ukrainian airspace , in connection with which, in the near future Ukraine intends to return to operation three types of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems "Cube", "Tor" and "Neva" (C-125), S-300PT and C medium-range antiaircraft missiles -300В1, as well as an anti-aircraft missile system mpleks C-200V designed for the destruction of the aircraft at long range.

"The S-200V complex has missiles with a powerful warhead and is capable of hitting targets at a range of 240 km and at an altitude of 300 m to 40 km. The C-200B divisions are capable of destroying enemy aircraft before they reach the line from which they can use their own weapons. It is also believed that the "two hundred" will not allow Ukraine to approach enemy air command posts, reconnaissance planes and production aircraft of all types of interference. All this in the complex can deprive the enemy of the opportunity to effectively manage the air operation ", - explained Sergey Zgurets

Despite the fact that Ukraine intends to strengthen the security of its borders, experts called the actions of this country an attempt to surrender, as in search of the means that can replace Soviet armament, Ukraine again has to resort to the use of air defense weapons developed 60 years ago.

Experts believe that in fact, Ukraine intends in the near future to begin bombing the territory of the self-proclaimed republics of the Democratic People's Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of Germany, and the deployment of air defense systems is associated with the fear that Russia can provide military assistance to Donetsk and Lugansk, which, of course, does not correspond to the real state of affairs.

* С-125 "Neva" is a Soviet short-range anti-aircraft missile system developed at the end of the 50-ies of the last century.

** "Tor" (9K330) is an all-weather tactical anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), designed to accomplish air defense and anti-missile defense tasks at the divisional level.

*** "Cube" (2К12) - Soviet anti-aircraft missile system of the military air defense. Developed in OKB-15 GKAT (branch of SRI-17, now - Research Institute of Instrumentation named after VV Tikhomirov).

**** C-200 Angara is a Soviet long-range anti-aircraft missile system. Intended for the defense of large areas from bombers and other strategic aircraft.

***** C-300 "Favorit" is a family of anti-aircraft missile systems capable of hitting various targets at altitudes: from smaller than the possible altitude of flight, to exceeding the ceiling height for purposes.

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