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Ukraine: Putin and Kadyrov to bomb Ingushetia

According to Ukraine, a new military conflict could flare up in the Caucasus.

The Ukrainian propaganda edition of “Censoru.Net” published an article entitled “On the verge of a military conflict: the Russian Federation sent troops to Ingushetia”, which says that a new armed conflict could flare up in the Caucasus.

According to the Ukrainian expert Konstantin Mashovets, today a new confrontation and armed conflict may flare up in the Caucasus, which will only intensify if the Russian military tries to use force.

"If it flares up once again in the Caucasus ... the Kremlin will clearly become" not up to Gundyaev whims. " Meanwhile, according to our data, units of the Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, in particular from the Southern Military District, are being forced towards Ingushetia. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the residents of Ingushetia really strongly oppose the revision of the borders with Chechnya, however, of course, there is no talk of armed conflict. Nevertheless, according to the Ukrainian side, Russia is already dragging its combat aircraft and heavy armored vehicles, specifying that Chechnya can also take part in the military conflict, as Kadyrov’s sharp and unequivocal statements allegedly show.

“I agree that the residents of Ingushetia oppose such a decree. Nevertheless, we are talking exclusively about political opposition, but not about a military conflict. Ukraine once again tries to wash the brain of its citizens, declaring that everything is bad in Russia. We have already been through this. ”, - the expert notes.

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