Poroshenko and the plane


Ukraine spoke about the flights of Russian IL-20 and A-50 over Mariupol

The Ukrainian side reports the details of the Russian military aviation near Mariupol

According to the news agency "Wolf" (Ukraine), in the sky above the uncontrolled Kiev, Bezymyanny and then above Novoazovsk scythe, behind which Russian barges are seen at sea, Russian planes have been appearing for two days in a row. From time to time a helicopter appears in the same place. Sometimes planes line up so that you get a figure like a combat link. It happens that the planes, not having time to complete the turn, complete it over the territory of Ukraine.

According to journalists, the planes made three visits to Mariupol. As reported by the "Wolf", in such cases, the aircraft is approaching "By the occupied territories". It literally takes place over the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the assurance of the headquarters of the United Forces, the activity of Russian aviation has manifested itself in the last four days. Dmitry Karpenko, Deputy Commander of the Environmental Protection Agency for Aviation and Air Defense, said that Russian planes circled about five kilometers from the Ukrainian border, then fly along it, without crossing the zone.

As stated by the General, we are talking about the IL-20 and A-50. Of the weapons they have only means of electronic intelligence. Ukrainian military monitored flights, starting from their start (airfield in Taganrog). As Karpenko assured, the aircraft did not cross the Ukrainian border.

Regarding flights in pairs, Karpenko comments on what an optical illusion is. Airplanes do not fly next to each other, approximately ten kilometers between them.

Great news! If our planes fly over our territory, do not cross the border of the reserve, and over Mariupol, then uporopie already believe that Mariupol is ours, not theirs ...


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