Laser Peresvet


Ukraine told about the attack of the Russian laser "Peresvet"

Ukrainian security officials told about the first combat use of the Russian "super-weapon".

The servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declared that they had collided in the Donbas with the action of the Russian military laser complex "Peresvet" - one of the types of so-called "super-weapons" of Russia. It is reported that due to the use of a combat laser, one of the servicemen suffered a loss.

Ukrainian security officials say that with the help of special optical devices, they observed periodically appearing and disappearing rays of light, which, according to the Ukrainian side, prove the fact that Russia has activated its combat laser in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian military did not provide any real evidence, in connection with which, analysts point to another fake by the Ukrainian army.

It should be clarified that the Russian Peresvet combat laser is designed mainly for hitting airborne objects, in particular, we are talking about missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes, etc., but it is not intended to blind the enemy at all. A similar opinion is held in the DPR, urging Ukraine not to create provocations.

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