Ukraine: Russian C-400 in the Crimea will not frighten anyone

In Ukraine, they announced attempts by Russia to intimidate the West with the S-400 complexes Triumph.

On the eve of the day it became known that Russia had deployed the third division of the S-400 S-XNUMX "Triumph" in Crimea, which would provide full protection from the means of aviation of any enemy. The Ukrainian side reacted to such actions almost instantly, noting the fact that Russian air defense systems are incapable and do not pose a great danger.

In the Ukrainian media, they are urged not to be afraid of the Russian complexes C-400 "Triumph" that appeared on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, which is due to their incapacity and total futility, which is allegedly indicated by the fact that these systems could not bring down the Israeli F-16 fighter, on which a shot was fired by at least one anti-aircraft missile.

Russia, in turn, was assured that the airspace over the Crimea is now completely closed from any attempts to penetrate enemy aircraft.

"Deployment of the next C-400 division points to the fact that the airspace over the Crimean peninsula from the Black Sea side is now under control. <...> And some statements or movements of our neighbors or countries that are far enough away from us, but nevertheless constantly on duty in the Black Sea region, will not present an unexpected threat to our country ", - noted the famous Russian political scientist.

It should be clarified that the Russian complex C-400 "Triumph" is considered one of the most promising air defense systems in the world, and therefore the statements of Ukraine in this regard are only provocative.

By the way, as in the photo in the article "naduynye S-300" is not funny. This is quite a terrible weapon. This is a high-quality false goal. You just imagine hollowing and dolbin, dolbish and dolbish, and C-300 is alive all alive, you think that the air defense system is suppressed, you begin to deal a massive blow to the defensive object, and then you BAC .... like a machine gun not suppressed air defense systems S-300 that's all karachun to you as in Vietnam at the last raid B-52 on Hanoi, only hysterical cries in the air of the dying crews.

Speak with-400 incompetent. But the Ukrainian (that is, the former Soviet) "beeches" and air defense systems with-200 oh how you work on peaceful aircraft, the grandsons of Bandera and Shukhevych.

The ability of Ukraine to "mobilize the international resource" is illusory and illusory.

The statement of the topic testifies to the deepest crisis in the Ukrainian society from which, for 28 years of state-building agony, there is no escaping exit.

No one will be harnessed for stupid horses, they will promise golden mountains, armor impenetrable and endless cartridges, and leave them in shorts in the cold. Western regimes will support the skydivers as long as they publicly demonstrate hatred towards Russia, so that they do not die fulfilling orders. No more. They will drive the Tseuropeans into such debts that they will not pay off until the sun goes out.