Su-57 fighter


Ukraine: the Russian fighter of the fifth generation exists only in dreams

Ukraine was critical of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation.

Despite the fact that Russian aircraft designers have completed the development and testing of the newest Russian Su-57 fighter, Ukraine believes that in reality, there is no Su-57. The information about this is provided by the portal "UA Info", where journalists make suggestions that the Russian fifth-generation airplane has gone to rest without affecting anyone with its capabilities.

According to the information given in the article, the Russian Su-57 fighter does not differ in its characteristics from the fighter of the previous generation of Su-35, and in some cases is even inferior to it, which led to the conclusion that the Russian Su-57 belongs only to the 4 ++ generation fighter.

Independent analysts believe that in fact, the reasoning that the Su-57 fighter is the representative of the 4 ++ generation is erroneous, since it fully meets all the requirements for these aircraft, although on the other hand, one of the popular publications in the PRC also earlier article that Russian Su-57 rather refers to aircraft generation 4 ++, which is due to the lack of the technology used for low visibility, which is an important attribute of aircraft 5-th generation.

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