Anti-aircraft missile launch


Ukraine strengthens air defense by Soviet complexes 60-ies

Ukraine was engaged in the modernization and sale of Soviet complexes S-125.

In 1961, the S-125 anti-aircraft missile system was developed in the Soviet Union, which became a highly effective air defense system due to the possibility of hitting air targets at high altitudes. To date, these systems are used in almost 30 countries around the world, but we are talking only about those states that for a number of reasons can not afford much more modern complexes, including this applies to Ukraine.

It became known that Ukrainian scientists have been engaged in the modernization of Soviet C-125 systems with the aim of enhancing the fighting efficiency of their own army and increasing the effectiveness of air defense. To date, these complexes are in the arsenal of Ukraine, and in 2017, systems were also put into service in Ethiopia.

The information that appeared caused a sharp dissonance in society, in particular, Ukraine began to be reproached for trying to veil its “... worthless air defense complex ...”, officially refusing Soviet and Russian developments, but in fact, actively using them.

In Ukraine, these accusations preferred not to comment, but at the same time stated that the upgraded S-125M complexes are much more effective than the Russian C-125 systems "Pechora-2M", which is due to their greater range of air targets (up to 40 kilometers ).