Combat aircraft


Ukraine introduced the MiG-29

4 April. From today, the Ukrainian Air Force conducted the re-entry of combat aircraft Mig-29Which up to now it was in the long-term storage, which usually involves only the beginning of combat military operations.

According to an official statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, a certain number of aircraft, the number of which is not indicated, were put into operation at the airbase in Ivano-Frankivsk with the aim of testing combat vehicles and improving the skills of military pilots. It was also said that the commissioning of machines is temporary, and in the very near future they will again return to combat storage.

According to unofficial information, on the territory of Ukraine there is an order of 20 MiG-29 combat aircraft, about the technical condition of which there is no information, however, it is worth emphasizing that this amount of military equipment does not constitute any combat threat to nearby states.