Anti-aircraft missile launch


Ukraine chose Soviet air defense systems, not American ones

Ukraine preferred to use the Soviet Buk SAM.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are very aggressive Soviet and Russian weapons, the Ministry of Defense has decided not to buy the US air defense system, and the use of Soviet complexes "Buk". Due to the fact that for these SAMs in Ukraine there are very few weapons (most of the missiles is recyclable and dangerous for future reference - Ed.). Create your own rocket, which will improve the capabilities of the system and extend its service life, this country has decided to for at least another decade.

As can be seen from the information presented in the Ukrainian media, the budget has been allocated funds for the purchase of foreign equipment to produce missiles for SAM "Buk", which will allow Ukraine to independently engage in the production of medium-range missiles for these systems.

About what exactly rocket in question, so far remains unknown, but military analysts doubted that Ukraine will be able to really create a new missile complexes for the "Buk".

"The best that can Ukraine do is copy the existing missiles 9M38M1, but to develop a new medium-range missiles can be no question, at least in the next few years 5-7", - said a specialist